What is the free version of Eternal Crusade? Is it F2P?




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    Do you know when the referral system will work again? 
    I have a few friends who would like to try out the game, and it would be nice if I could give my referral to them ^^

    It would be ok if said referral didn't work until they brought the game though, so it can't be exploited (using 20€ to get 4€ worth of RTC is a rather bad deal).

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    Oveur BHVR

    That's exactly the problem. Our partner that handles the referral system can't detect via Steam when there is a purchase. So we'll get back but we probably need to create a new one in our systems. The referral program is fantastic so it's not going to disappear. When? Not sure.

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    Good to know. 
    I think it best thing would be for you and the new one to receive the Rewards when the new player got to a set Rank.

    If I refer someone to the game, can we then receive the rewards at a later point in time?

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    When you fix squadron and imperium edition? F2P is realesed but it's still not work. I mean i'm can't buy this packs. 

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